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No. Of Countries, traders around the world

We have the lowest profit target and tightest spreads in the industry.

Start a Leveled Up Challenge and experience excellent trading conditions. You showcase your skills during the evaluation phase and will qualify to become a funded trader with out proprietary trading firm. We are committed to offering the best conditions and building a community of skilled traders that will get the rewards they deserve for their performance

Unlock capital that will make you a professional trader

Once you become a funded trader with our firm, you have access to scale our accounts up to $1 million dollars. In order to achieve the status of leveled up trader we have developed a 2 phase evaluation which tests that you are ready to manage our capital.

During the evaluation you will experience the live conditions of having a real account. Once you successfully pass, you have unlimited opportunity to advance in your trading career


Level 1 complete the challenge by making 8%


Level 2 complete the evaluation by making 5%


Leveled Up You are now a Leveled Up member, this comes with exclusive benefits


Scale your account up to $1,000,000

Leveled Up Society Guide

Choose the plan that best fits your goals. Leveled Up Society program is designed to give you an elite experience on our platform. In case you have any doubts please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Decide which one is better for you and rule the challenge!


Why Us

Join us. Our aim is to make trading education simple. That’s why we offer the best community.

Customer Support

Our support team is available by email and live chat 24/5


We cover your risk so you can realize your dreams with a Leveled Up Society account


Leveled Up Society allows the following markets to be traded with no restrictions in a simulated environment: Commodities, Indices, and digital currencies

Payment Methods

Leveled Up Society offers the following payment methods: digital currencies, Mastercard, and Visa


All accounts off 1:100 leverage for our standard challenge on pairs, 1:40 leverage on Gold & Commodities, 1:20 leverage on Indices, and 1:2 leverage on digital currencies. Paper Trading with leverage will help improve your skills


As a Leveled Up Member you worked for this accomplishment. Share it with others displaying your custom Leveled Up Society certificate. 

Scaling Plan

After two consecutive successful months on your Leveled Up Society account, you will be invited into our scaling plan for more growth potential.

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Leveled Up

Account Size & Model – 100K Challenge
Price (USD) – $539
Maximum Drawdown – 5% Daily | 8% Total
Payout Split (Trader/Firm) – 80/20
Minimum Trading Days – 5 Days
Evaluation – 2 Phase
Time Period For Evaluation – 30 Days & 60 Days
Targets – 8% & 5%
Hold Trade On Weekends – Yes


Account Size & Model – 100K Challenge
Price (USD) – $657
Maximum Drawdown – 5% Daily | 10% Total
Payout Split (Trader/Firm) – 80/20
Minimum Trading Days – 10 Days
Evaluation – 2 Phase
Time Period For Evaluation – 35 Days & 60 Days
Targets – 10% & 5%
Hold Trade On Weekends – Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting with Leveled up Society is as easy as possible. Simply start by scrolling to the “Start Challenge” section of the homepage where pricing is available. Then, select the program and account size you would like to participate in. Remember to visit our Knowledge Center to learn specific rules and objectives of each of our programs before purchasing.

Trading platforms are needed in order to be able to take trades in the markets

You need to consider the number of stages to pass. The support you receive in your learning experience and the goals you need to succeed. Leveled Up Society was built for traders by traders with educating as a company core motto.

After completing our evaluation process which includes level 1 and level 2, you have now shown your skillset and are part  of our Elite Leveled Up Society

Leveled Up Society is the best prop trading program due to them keeping trading simple by offering professionals a community to grow. 

Leveled Up Society is an online demo trading evaluation firm. Our challenges give clients the ability to complete our evaluation and utilize their trading abilities in an environment which poses no risks to them for the price of the upfront fee paid for the evaluation. Upon passing the evaluation stage, eligible traders are allowed to receive a profit split on profits that were generated in their trading account subject to compliance with our TOS and Customer Agreement. You can find us on YouTube, Instagram, Discord, and our Blog where we share daily trading education and also, you can stay up to date with our latest announcements.

An Leveled Up Society account gives you an opportunity to leverage your processional goals by completing our two step evaluation. 

In order to become an Leveled Up Society you have to complete our evaluation process by passing level 1 and level 2. Our level 1 consist of making 10% in 30 days. Within these 30 Days you have a  max daily loss of 5% and a max total lost of 10% at any given point in time these negative targets are breached will cause an account to be invalidated. If you manage to remain profitable but don’t reach the level 1 target you are eligible for another opportunity to complete level 1.

Our level 2 consist of achieving  5% in 60 days. Within these 60 Days you have a  max daily loss of 5% and a max total lost of 10% at any given point in time these negative targets are breached will cause an account to be invalidated. If you manage to remain profitable but don’t reach the level 2 target you are eligible for another opportunity to complete level 2.

A successful completion of both stages earns you the status of being an Elite Leveled Up Society Member

We accept traders from all around the world who are at least 18 years old. We will guide you in the following understanding trading and  proper risk management, we care most about your success. 

We offer the lowest profit target and industry leading trade conditions

Start our challenge to earn your funded account today


Trade With Us

We work with Metatrader4. Easy and simple. It has clear interfaces and all the information you need to learn, trade and succeed. 

Easy ways to pay

Pay and get your Leveled Up Society Account. You can use these payment methods.

Prop Trading REVIEWS by our Traders



Great Experience With Leveled Up Society.

They have done a great job at answering my questions in a timely manner.
The dashboard for the challenge is very easy to read and understand - really appreciate this coming from a newer trader!
Very pleased with my experience so far with Leveled Up Society.

Xander Boria

Xander Boria

Great Company
Excellent experience with this company. It is very friendly to use and love their fast service. Totally recommend it.



This is my first official and genuine review. This is probably one of the best firms for traders out there, very open with their community and very up-front with what they can provide and offer. Newly upgraded metrix system allows for me to get my Login's for my challenges quick and efficiently! Customer service has always exceeded my expectations, has always resolved my problems and is usually pretty quick. The face of the company are people that are well respected in this business and love to see other traders win. This is a 10/10 trading education!

Jaime Canicoba

Jaime Canicoba

This company represents good, satisfactory challenges for all those who want to hone their trading skills. Besides, customer service is pretty concise and quick on useful answers.